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Markus Jeanneret - Santa Claus - Basler Münster




Markus Jeanneret


Even in the last millennium, Markus Jeanneret merged his profession as a lighting technician with his fascination for Santa Claus and specialized in the Christmas lighting business. One could certainly call him a pioneer, as Markus Jeanneret was one of the first people in Germany to professionally equip houses and gardens with Christmas decorations and lights like only overseas at the time. Today, he can be described with a clear conscience as the industry leader in the field of Christmas lighting and its installations.


Every year he transforms Basel's Centralbahnplatz and Bern's main railway station into a harmonious Christmas landscape.

The Christmas trees on Basel's market square and at the town hall also shine through Jeanneret's hands.


In 2001 Markus Jeanneret decided to put an end to the monotony of local Christmas trees and started to produce his own collection of Christmas baubles. In the year 2004, the first self-developed balls could be purchased - although balls are actually the wrong name. Markus Jeanneret designed and developed motifs in various variations and shapes.


Over the years, over 400 different glass ornaments have been created, blown and lovingly painted by specialists under the label "jm-collection". These delight, among others, homesick Swiss, Baselers, Fasnakers, guilds and tattoo fans.


In 2015 another Bijou was added to the collection: the "Schorsch vom Haafebeggi 2" made it to the Christmas tree. This honour almost amounts to a place on the Walk of Fames. Together with Schorsch, the idea was born until it was realized. A beautiful figure is born, shiny, loving down to the smallest detail. The cult figure Schorsch is another highlight in the work of Markus Jeanneret and will be given a permanent place in the jm-collection.


The newly built Roche Tower was added to the jm-collection in 2018. The figure was initially produced in small quantities, but the demand was overwhelming, so that the production of the new Basel landmark is running at full speed. A must-have!

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